Our Services

Our competency in Operations Management and Supply Chain Management within the Central & Eastern European Markets recommends us to those companies present or preparing to start an operation in this region.

Operations Management

Cost-effective internal audit services

We offer a cost-effective and professional internal audit service which adds real value to your organization. We do this by providing internal auditors who understand how a business works and how the management systems can support your business objectives.

We evaluate and generate solutions for Operations improvement through:

  • Production Planning;
  • Introduction and implementation of “Just-In-Time” and “Lean” principles;
  • Cost cutting programs development & implementation;
  • Equipment capability and capacity evaluation, usage evaluation;
  • Key Operational Indicators (KPI);

Supply Chain Management

Suppliers Auditing, Development and Certification

We evaluate the quantitative and qualitative contribution of the suppliers to the success of the Customer’s company:
  • Suppliers auditing and evaluation: we assess the technical endowment, access to technology and R&D, production capacity, quality systems, and management skills to assure you of their capability to contribute to your company success;
  • Supplier’s development and qualification/certification planning and execution. This step is a natural continuation to the Supplier auditing and evaluation step, and its objective is to bring the supplier to the level required by our client;
  • Suppliers network optimization;
  • Evaluation of the risks associated with the existing suppliers.

Whether the objective is merely to assess how the supplier meets contractual commitments, or if the supplier is capable of implementing the improvements you need, then auditors can provide a valuable and professional independent supplier audit, based on our your specific requirements.

We assess potential suppliers and audit existing suppliers' performances as well.

Purchasing Management

We evaluate the Purchasing function, elaborate, and present professional solutions, including:

  • Purchasing strategies;
  • Purchasing policies and procedures;
  • Purchasing planning and administration;
  • Contracts negotiation and administration;
  • Suppliers’ Management;
  • Stocks Management;
  • Suppliers portfolio optimization;
  • Outsourcing opportunity evaluation and planning;
  • Research for new suppliers – evaluation of their potential.
Our experience indicates that an overview from outside the company allows a realistic evaluation of the suppliers portfolio and its optimizations if necessary.

In addition, we offer:

  • Consultancy for implementing the ERP solutions – namely the MRP module;
  • Development and implementation of tailor-made Purchasing procedures.
We offer a professional internal auditing that add value to your organization. We make this possible through the services of a team of auditors who understand how a business operates and the way the management systems contribute to achieving the objectives of the company.

Supply Chain management materializes into:

  • Analysis and Optimization of the materials flow from suppliers to the final customer, including:
    • Stocks reduction strategies;
    • Optimal stocks definitions along the chain: suppliers, warehouses, WIP, and finished goods;
    • Warehouses, Logistics and Transportation management.
  • Make or Buy analyses - Outsourcing programs development and implementation;
  • Transition from Purchasing Management to Supply Chain Management;
  • Consultancy for ERP implementing Supply Chain modules.

Our expertise is based on “the real life practice” of our consultants, resulting from many years spent in senior management positions in FORTUNE 500 or multinational corporations.

Interim Management

We do not aim to become a permanent fixture within the Customer’s organization, but when necessary we can provide valuable Interim Management to ensure that the organization continues to fulfill the requirements of the appropriate standards, and, most importantly, that the management systems really fit to the organization.

Connected Services

We focus on Operations and Supply Chain Management, but, increasingly, we are asked to perform additional jobs linked to our core activities:
  • Personnel assessment and development for positions within the Purchasing and Supply Chain departments;
  • Organizing the Purchasing & Supply Chain functions;
  • Specialized translations, including commercial contracts, technical specifications, commercial terms and conditions.
We have created an extensive network of consultancy resources, which we employ successfully to add expertise in the other fields such as Business Start-ups and Development, Relocations, Business Strategy.