Management & Consulting

gathers Consultants and Managers with real life experience, mainly in the Central and Eastern Europe region business climate.

A Little History
Behind Our

The competencies and the experience we provide to our Customers were accumulated by our Consultants and Managers along many years of top management or executive positions within FORTUNE 500 and multinational companies.

Our networking within the consultancy and professional community allows us to bring the state-of-the-art competency from several industries, able to provide our clients with the right expertise for any specific issue.

Our Mission

Discret Management & Consulting, a firm of Interim Management and Consulting, is the natural partner for companies willing to excel in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management.

We provide professional, customer-tailored consultation, centred in the client’s need, and Interim Management solutions in the Operation and Supply Chain areas.

We consider that identification of all available internal resources, not yet exploited, and their intelligent valorisation makes the difference between The Best and The Rest.

Our Philosophy

Integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction are the fundamentals upon which Discret Management & Consulting builds its reputation of competence and total reliability.